Friday 1 January 2016

# 2015- A Rewind

It was mostly filled with packed bags and bus tickets. It was more travel.

The year started with an epic trip with my friends and ended with a pleasant and peaceful birthday of mine.

In this year, one of my besties got married and the other two devastated me and flew to USA.

The year was mostly filled with ample of ‘what the eff’ moments.

The only good thing I did was creating this blog rather than writing down on papers and forgetting them which I used to do.

New friends crossed my path and got stick to me like a bubblegum. A few life lessons were learnt. 

This year was emotionally very challenging but it all ended well. I also got a pinch of maturity and a teaspoon of common sense.

I wish for a bit of clarity and as usual ‘Happiness’

Yo 2016, I am ready with my sword and shield. Bring it on!

.Smile & Shine.

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