Thursday 19 November 2015

S19: "Rain and The Rainbow"

There were huge unremitting rains all over. Even without a tea break, the rains were continuously taking over the place. The thunders were accompanying the rains. It’s like both were dancing on their feet untiringly. It’s been a week since the entire place was covered with the blanket of clouds and was dim and gloomy. Dams were overflowing and the entire place was shivering without sunshine. Wheels were replaced by oars. The birds hid their heads in their shelters, the flowers got frozen and all were craving for the love of the sun.

Meanwhile uppity up in the sky-

The Rain was sitting on the cloud with his hands on his chin. He seemed depressed and sadness became his new best friend. He was crying relentlessly and the consequence was portrayed on the earth.

His brother Thunder came to him on a cloud and said, ’Brother, you have been crying since a week. I am not able to see you like this anymore. You need to calm down brother ’.

Rain didn’t listen to him and he kept crying.

With a wrath outburst, thunder threw his taunts on to the earth. He is a hunk with sharp blue eyes and enticing muscles. His silky hair was falling in his eyes, every time when he shakes his head in anger.

He loves his brother more than anything else. His anger is as strong, pure and intense as his love.

 He was standing on the cloud with a bunch of thunder bolts around his feet.  With every raging moment, he threw a thunder bolt on to the earth.

Thunder kept throwing the bolts and Rain kept crying.

To find out what was wrong with Rain, the Sun and the Moon came to his palace.

‘Hey, what’s wrong with you guys? What are you both up to?’ Sun asked them.

Rain and Thunder stopped what they were doing and looked at him baffled.

‘Who are you?’ asked rain trying to recognize the guy who was talking to him.

He was fair in colour with charming eyes and heart throbbing smile. He was holding moon’s hand. He had a neat structured body and he was a complete charmer.

Beside him , moon was standing. She was beautiful and gorgeous. Her hair was dancing along with her head movements and her sparkling eyes which can make anyone fall in love with her.

‘Who am I? Are you kidding me? You don’t know who I am?’ Sun busted out.

Rain and thunder looked at each other exchanging immense bewilderment.

‘You are....’, rain stuttered.

‘I am The Sun, you dumb heads’, sun turned into red raging hot fumes around his head and fire in his eyes.

The two brothers got scared. Thunder got frightened and shivered and slipped few bolts onto the earth.

‘Yeah yeah of course you are The Sun. We know you’, rain tried to persuade the burning sun.

‘Now don’t tell me that you don’t even know me. If you say so, the consequences would be real bad’, said the moon rising her eyebrow.

‘If he is the sun then you must be the moon’, rain said.

‘Of course we know you. Who don’t know you? Actually there was some dirt in our eyes. This wind..’Thunder tried to control the situation.

‘Well, well stop blaming me for everything brother’, the Wind walked towards them interrupting thunder’s words.

Wind is one quick-witted and wicked guy. It is said that ‘Watch your words when you are with wind’.

He always has a smirk on his face. He is wheatish in colour and looks stylish which misinterpret his identity as a good hearted and trustful guy. But 'Never trust Wind'. You never know when he will change his wits.

‘Hello sun and the ever gorgeous moony moon’, wind took her hand and gave a peck on her hand.

Sun gave a ‘Be in your limits’ look to the wind which was bluntly ignored by him.

‘Let’s come to the matter for what we are here. What the heck is running in your dumbheads ? It’s been a week since I and moon last visited the earth. There was neither sunshine and morning sparkle nor the moon dazzles.’

‘Will you both stop all this fuzz which you both created’, sun outraged.

Rain looked at him with teary eyes. He walked around, sat on a cloud and started weeping.

‘What happened’, moon got dazed.

‘Did I said something wrong?’, asked the sun.

‘No. It’s not you sun. It’s the epitome of my heart break. My heart was hammered into million pieces’, he started crying aloud.

Moon went towards him, patted his shoulder and said, ‘Tell us what happened, maybe we can help you to mend your heart’.

He looked at her, held her hands, ‘She is in love with someone else’.

‘Who?’ asked the Sun

‘Miss Rainbow’, said thunder unable to see his brother weeping.

Wind threw a snicker but stopped after getting hit by the sharp looks of the sun.

‘You are in love with miss rainbow? That’s cool. She is the most beautiful thing ever’, said the sun imagining her in his thoughts.

‘Ahem ahem’ coughed the moon which suppressed all the thoughts of the sun.

‘You should go and tell her rather than sitting here crying’, said the moon.

‘I did. I sent wind to tell her about my feelings’, rain said pointing at the wind.

Wind gulped and said,’ I told her but she said she is in love with someone else’. He shrugged.

‘Ohh peacocks feather! Now I understood why you are being her shadow these days. Following her everywhere, sprinkling your charms around her’ said the sun.

‘What?’ rain stood startled.

‘You are mistaken my dear sunny sun. I was talking to her about the rain’, he defended himself.

‘That doesn’t look like that’, said the sun.

As they were hitting each other with their attitude filled conceited looks, moon said ‘Don’t worry rain. We will help you in this. My love will go and talk to her, you stop worrying about it’

Sun, moon and the wind moved from his palace and rain stopped crying. Moon’s words injected him humps and bumps of hope and energy.

The next day, sun went to meet miss rainbow to discuss about the rain even after the disapproval of the wind.

‘Hey miss rainbow’, said the sun.

‘Hey sun. How are you doing?’ she hugged him.

She is the most beautiful creation ever. She looks absolutely flawless with her enticing eyes, smile and her perfect curves.

It is difficult for anyone to blink their eyes while watching her.  She looks like the meaning for the words beautiful and perfection. She is blend of all the wonders which makes us lost in her magical grandeur.

‘I was just passing by and cared to say hi to you’, said the sun mesmerized by her looks.

‘That’s so sweet of you. How is miss moon’, asked the rainbow.

‘She is wonderful as usual’

‘I always wished for a love like yours’, she got saddened and her eyes filled with colour-filled tears.

‘What happened?’ asked the sun wondering what could go wrong to this wonderful creation.

‘I love someone who loves someone else’, she started crying.

‘That’s not possible. Which cat’s whisker won’t love you? By the way who is that unluckiest guy?’ asked the sun

‘Rain’, she said. ‘He looks so fascinating, his curly hair, his looks, his body and he is an extremely wonderful person at heart but he has a girlfriend’

‘But who is his girlfriend?’ sun got baffled.

‘Thunder’, she said and started crying again.

Sun’s eyes blasted out. There was an intense perplexment in his brain.

He stood there statued for a few moments and as the winds of confusion cleared away in his brain, the first word that uttered from his mouth was ‘WIND’.

‘Did wind said you this?’, asked the sun expecting an yes from her.

‘Yes’, she said. ‘Wind told me that rain has a girlfriend’.

‘I knew it, he muttered.

‘What? Come again’, asked the rainbow wiping her tears.

‘Nothing, I was just wondering if you can accompany me for a walk’, asked the sun.

‘Yeah sure’, said the rainbow and sun took her to rain’s castle.

As sun and rainbow reached, they saw everyone was there- rain, thunder, moon and the wind.

‘Hi miss rainbow’, hugged the moon.

‘Miss rainbow, meet Mr. Rain and his girlfriend thunder’, pointing at thunder

 Miss rainbow got dumbfounded, ‘But..But..’

‘Yes thunder is a boy and he is rain’s brother’, sun said smiling.

Wind was trying to escape from there without getting caught but sun stopped him, ‘My dear windy wind, where are you going?’

‘How did that ridiculous thought bumped into your mind? Saying thunder as rain’s girlfriend, what a wonderful thought you squirrel’s tail’, said the sun.

‘What??’ shouted the rain and the thunder at once.

‘You are going to die in my hands’ thunder ran after him throwing his thunderbolts at the wind and the wind was escaping and was laughing at him.

‘It’s now time for us to leave’, said the sun.

‘Thanks a ton sun and moon’ the rain hugged them both and the sun and the moon left his castle.

The rain walked towards the rainbow who was blushing and he kneeled down and said ‘I love you. Will you be my bow? Will you be my princess?’

‘Yes’, she said. He stood up and kissed her and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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