Thursday 21 January 2016

S24: "I don't want to be a GIRL"

Up in the heaven...

God was sitting on a white big cloudy chair and there was a line of embryos in the shape of square boxes which are ready to go to earth.

They were queued up and God was checking the details of their previous life and was deciding what they have to become in their new life.

‘Next’, he said adjusting his half-moon glasses.

A square box walked towards him. He threw a glance at it and turned the pages of a gigantic golden book which is shimmering with gold pages,’ Umm. Here it is’

He was churning out each detail ­by rapidly dodging his eyes between the book and the box,’ You had a pretty good life, I see’.

The box smiled.

‘What will you become in your new life?’, he gave a loud thought to himself.

‘Be a girl, you can have so much fun and you can again give birth to someone. Isn’t that cool and you completely deserve it’, he said pointing his quill towards the box.

‘A girl? No, I would rather be a butterfly’, the box trembled vigorously.

‘No, you deserve more’, he tried to persuade.

‘A cockroach’

‘A pig’

‘A spider’

It kept saying interrupting the god.

‘Ok, A boy’, it concluded.

‘More than that’, god shrugged.

It started walking back.

‘Wait wait, what happened?’, god shouted in dismay.

‘Nothing, in my last life, my best friend was a girl and I was her dog. The world had been very unfair to her at every fork of her life and she got killed brutally. When I tried to save her, they killed me too’, it said with all the pain weighing it down.

‘Then you can go and take revenge on them, I will give you the powers’, god said being empathetic.

‘No, I don’t believe in revenge and there is not one to take revenge. They are countless’, it said and started walking back.

‘But you have a life to live’, he tried to stop it.

It turned back and said, ‘It’s okay. I got the probability of only 50%. Knowing that I am a girl, probably I will get killed in the womb itself’.

‘It’s okay, I will protect you’, he tried to create some hope which became extinct in it.

It gave a look which was filled with all the agony and sorrow in the world and also the whines and sobs of all the women who are treated unfair and simply left.

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