Wednesday 20 January 2016

S21: "What The Anniversary"

Tomorrow was our 1st marriage anniversary, my mind ditched me and stopped working. I had no idea what to do to make the day special.

‘Good morning honey, bring me some coffee’, I said with a newspaper in my hand.

She was standing on a stool and was cleaning the spider webs.

‘Coffeeee ‘, I said penetrating my head into the newspaper.

Suddenly with a thud, she fell down from the stool. I ran to her throwing the newspaper aside.

‘Honey, are you okay?’, I got terrified, I shook her vigorously. She got fainted and she opened her eyes after ten minutes.

I was relieved at that moment. But it lasted only for a minute.

She stood up and said, ’Who are you?’ holding her head.

I stood there petrified. ‘What?’

‘You came for my husband? He went to the office. You go and come in the evening', she said still holding her head.

‘Uhh?’, I had no words to react in that situation.

‘Stop kidding honey’, I shouted.

‘Who honey? I am warning you. I’ll tell harsha about this?’ she was fuming.

‘Harsha? Who?’, I was baffled.

‘My husband, Now get out’, she threw me out of the house and shut the door on my face.

I was standing outside my flat in shorts and I had no clue what to do. Is she playing around or she forgot me for real? These questions were eating my brain with mayonnaise and extra cheese.

I called my father-in-law, ’Hello Uncle, I am sooraj, your daughter forgot me and threw me out of my house uncle’.

‘What happened?’, he reacted in a very excited way as if he was eagerly waiting for that moment.

‘Uncle, who is harsha?, Before marriage you told me that she never even looked at any boy’, I started weeping funnily sitting on the swing in the ground floor of my apartment.

‘Uncle she fell down from the stool today and forgot me. I don’t know whether she is faking it or real’, I said.

‘What? You threw my daughter from a stool? For Dowry? Tell me how much you want, I’ll give you right now’, he replied.

‘Dowry? Where did that come from?’, I hung up the phone not knowing what to do with this mad family.

After a few swings, her younger brother called me.

‘Hello bava(Sister’s husband), how are you?’, he asked very energetically.

‘Your sister forgot me. I am sitting on a swing under my apartment in my shorts’, I said

‘Ok, come to my flat. I have food’,

‘No no’, I hesitated

‘And beer too’, he added.

‘Ok I am coming’, I went to his flat which is in the next lane.

‘I don’t know what to do; your sister is not even lifting my calls. Do you think she is really playing around?’, I said eating the breakfast.

‘No, why would she pretend like that? Maybe she really forgot you’, he said very confidently.

‘Maybe I should hit her again on the head?’ I exclaimed.

‘You will hit my sister? For dowry?, he made a weird face expression.

‘Dowry? Why are you guys so obsessed with dowry? You know what. Your entire family is crazy. First tell me how to take your sister to the mental hospital’

Many hours flew by on discussing how to cure his sister and I walked back to my flat. It was 11 pm and I was sitting at the front door of my house.

Many smirks, many giggles and many consoles passed by.

It was 12. I said to myself ‘Happy anniversary’. Suddenly, the door swung open and she was standing in a gorgeous pink saree.

‘Happy anniversary honey’, she said.

I peeped into my home which was been decorated very beautifully.

‘Sorry baby’, she hugged me.

I was still standing with the same wide mouth-opened expression.

Just to surprise you, I planned all this and my dad and brother are also involved in this.

She started laughing very loudly. Though the arrangements were distracting me, I tried to be angry at least for a few minutes.

‘You know what you are crazy and why are you wishing me, go and wish your harsha’, I faked my anger.

It was very silly and embarrassing to walk as a fool the entire day but knowing that she is fine made me happy and this was one of the best anniversaries ever.

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