Wednesday 4 November 2015

S17: "Tinku-The Rascal"

The entire house was decorated with flowers; all the curtains were changed into new shining ones. The house was sparkling. The essence of Diwali was scattered everywhere. The sounds of the bombs were being heard regularly from the surroundings. The fragrance of the sweets was colliding with each other from the neighbouring houses fighting that they are the sweetest. All the special programmes in the Tv and diwali offers everywhere adorned the occasion.

Mom was making preparations in the kitchen and chinnu, a 4 year old girl was playing with her toys in a cute red gown.

Tinku was her elder brother who is very exuberant and never sits silent. He always has something running in his brain. In his colony, he is famously called as ‘Rascal Tinku’.

He is short, brown skinned with big eyes and curly hair. He was dressed up in his new dress, a blue Tshirt and black shorts.

Tinku was standing at the main door holding a packet of bijili, the packet of small red bombs. He looked around him and suddenly BOOM, there was a sound from inside the house. Chinnu got scared and started crying.

‘Tinkuuuuu’, mom came running from the kitchen with her hands drowned in the laddu mixture.

Tinku was standing outside innocently.

‘Tinkuu, is this a place to play. Get out’, she shouted.

‘Mom it was not me, it was chinnu’, tinku said innocently pointing at chinnu.

Chinnu stopped crying and looked at him with her big egg eyes. ‘Ga- ga’, she said.  The only words she could speak so far. Mom threw tinku outside the house and shut the door.

No matter what ever we do and where ever we send them, some people are born to make noise and to disturb others. Tinku was one of them.

Just after 10minutes there was again a BOOM from the neighbouring house. Tinku ran into the house and hid behind the sofa in the hall.

‘Rascal Tinkuuuuu’, came a woman in a high embroidered saree and wearing all the jewellery she own.

She rushed into the house and shouted ‘Tinkuu’.

‘Ga-ga’, said chinnu

Mom rushed into the hall, ’What happened Radha?’

‘Where is your rascal son? He blasted a bomb in our home’, She said very ferociously turning red which was matching to her saree.

‘My Tinku? No No, he is sleeping inside. This might be some other rascal’s prank’, she said trying to protect tinku from her angry rebuke.

Radha aunty believed her words and left murmuring about the child who did that.

‘Tinku, come out you rascal’, shouted mom.

‘Ga-ga’, chinnu pointed the sofa.

Mom stood infront of tinku who was hiding behind the sofa and laughing covering his mouth with his hands.

‘You are grounded. Stay in your room. No diwali, No patake’, she picked him up holding his ear and locked him in his room.

As mentioned before, no matter what some people never stay serene. Tinku started throwing the bombs from the window on to the dogs and the people who are walking on the streets.

While tinku bagged so much of fun, laughs, thrills and hilarity, mom bagged scolding’s, anger, vexation and rebukes.

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