Friday 29 May 2015

# Kesari pak

I am that type of girl who will enter into the kitchen only to EAT something. Due to the all the nagging from my family that "You are going to get married ","What will you cook for your husband?", "You are going to ruin our family name"," what will your mother-in-law will say"," No you are not going live on maggi and omelette forever" and then one day I decided to enter into the kitchen to get rid of all the fuss around me, this time not to eat but to COOK.

I switched on the TV to try something from the cooking shows. Oh Its Ratatouille, the animated movie in which a rat can not only cook but also it will become a chef. Ahh ! what a timing I said to myself. I watched the entire movie and was fully inspired. If a rat can cook why can't I ?. I got ready as if I am going to a war. Apron check. Gloves check. Tissues check. Mobile check. I entered into the kitchen. I shifted to selfie mode. I stood in front of the stove, took 5 selfies in different angles and expressions. Now what should I cook. My mind suggested many names. Chicken ?. No ! It's my favourite dish. Veg biryani ? No. Something more practical for me.

This is it ! I am going to cook kesari. I opened Google and typed 'How to make kesari' . I got the recipe. I followed the steps. The real part of struggle comes while mixing everything at the end.  But even in the midst of this, I managed to take 10 more selfies . The final part when it is ready and to be served, I looked at it very closely to figure out what exactly it came out. It's less like kesari and more like mysorepak. I would name this kesaripak. I served those kesaripaks to my family. Again two more selfies. I awaited for their response. Firstly, they are so happy that I entered into the kitchen to cook and though they struggled a bit to cut it and eat, they liked it. Then I tasted, It's not bad. Well I can't expect a master chef taste in my 1st first tempt. I am happy that I got a lot of praises and a lot of selfies too.

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