Thursday 25 June 2015

# The Invisible Hurdle

PROCRASTINATION, the gigantic and invisible hurdle which appears on every lap of our journey towards our goals. As it is invisible it is merely difficult, firstly to recognize it and then to hop over it. It's not as simple as its meaning says; delay or postpone action. It would even estrange us from our dreams if it becomes a habit.

The most important thing about procrastination is we do it unknowingly. You have an important thing to do, and the dead line is not so near or let's say there is no dead line at all. You will probably put off this important thing to watch TV or a movie or to chitchat with your friends and other things which are not as important as it is.

Sometimes I just put off doing the important tasks because I am lazy or just that I am not in a mood. This would  become really worse when it becomes a habit.

Overtime even without my consent, it became my habit. I started procrastinating foremost things and started indulging myself in not-so-important activities unknowingly. Only last minute pressure made me to work and even worse I left many things incompletely and even gave up many tasks.

Then I decided that I don't want to continue this and I don't want to become the slave of my own mind. I came up with so many ideas to shoo off procrastination and laziness.
Firstly  I wrote all the short term goals which have to be done in a few days or weeks and then the destination where I finally want to reach and I stick this up on the wall where I can see daily.

I started rewarding  myself after achieving each short term goal with the things I like but more than that I started punishing myself. If I won't complete a certain task, I can't touch my phone no matter who ever calls and I can't go on the social networking sites or something else which you are merely addicted to and which is involved in your daily routine. This is really affective.

Then I made my goals public, I told my friends about the tasks I am going to do and they keep on reminding me if I get distracted and I eventually began to do things to avoid embarrassment.

Laziness and getting bored are the two big No-No things . Thinking about the feeling after reaching success also helps. The important thing is recognizing that we are procrastinating and prioritizing the things. I provoke and scare myself to do things by thinking what will happen if I stay like this my entire life.

The main thing which worked out pretty well is whenever I get lazy ,I take a stick note and write "I M LAZY" and stick it on to the wall where I can see daily and not only me, my whole family also see it. And I ought to be honest in sticking notes whenever I feel lazy or bored, the more the notes, the more the embarrassment, and over time I saw the improvement, the lesser notes, the more appreciation and thereby more motivation.

And one more thing which helps is if you want to do something, start doing it little.
If you want to run for 5 miles. Just wear the shoes daily and walk a few steps and eventually you will end up running 5 miles or even more. Because sometimes it's just the starting problem, so by doing this you will overcome it.

You can make the invisible hurdle visible and you can jump over it as I did and then nothing else in this world can stop you from heading towards your dreams. 

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