Saturday 16 May 2015

S2: "The Little Pilot"

Ashwin (Ashu) is a 17 year old teenager. His dad is a millionaire. He gets anything at his finger tips at anytime. They live in a mansion and he has his own personal caretaker Tom to look after him. He is a very curious, ardent and a typical egghead. He completely nails all the science fairs. He is so obsessed with aeronautics. He has his own lab and a library with over hundreds of books.

Ashu is short with bouncy hair covering his entire forehead and fair complexion.

One day in his lab, ashu was trying to come up with the concept of invisibility cloak using prisms but failed and broke the prisms. Sometimes he lit up the curtains and sometimes he create floods in his lab. Tom always look after ashu, whatever ashu asks, he provides him in a minute. Tom never have any expressions on his face, he always carry only one expression which is neither happy nor sad. The next day, ashu created colourful spots in the aquarium with the concept of 3-D screens using colloidal solutions. He had many flying things in his room. He attach wings and make things fly using a remote controller.

They had their own helicopter. Ashu's dad knows his obsession with aircraft and always keep him away from the helicopter.

Few days later, when ashu's dad was out of the town, he silently hopped  into the helicopter. Tom also entered and sat silently. Tom never stops him from doing anything.

Ashu was checking and pressing the switches, suddenly the helicopter jerked back and unknowingly he pressed the start button. Tom, with the same expression on his face silently put on the seat belt. Ashu somehow managed to drive and handle it, but he don't know how to stop and how to land it. They travelled so far, they are running out of fuel and somehow he tried to get it close to the ground. But Suddenly he hit a tree and it landed with a speed into the sand. Luckily, nothing happened to them. There was smoke all around and hardly anything is visible but they managed to get down the helicopter.  

"Where are we? ", he asked tom.

"I think this is an island", Tom said with the same expression.

Ashu is now totally scared, they landed on an island, ran out of fuel and he don't know how to get back before his dad returns home.

"What to do now, tom", he said putting his hands on the knees.

Tom didn't replied. He turned back but tom was not there.

He got scared to death. He shouted "Tom! Tom !".

Suddenly tom came out of the bushes carrying some fruits in his hand.

"Where did you went ? You scared me ", he yelled.

"Fruits time", tom replied and gave him fruits.

Ashu  opened his eyes widely and  gulped some fruits with a puzzled expression.

Suddenly there was a sound from the bushes. Ashu stood in position with all ears and an apple in his right hand ready to throw.

A man came from bushes. He covered himself with leaves. Ashu suddenly threw an apple at him.

"Hey ! Hey, Don't do that, I won't do any harm ", the man shouted.

"Who are you", ashu asked with another fruit in his hand.

"I am sooraj , I  got stuck in this island since a week. My helicopter got damaged, I landed here in a parachute. My dress got torn and have nothing to wear, so wearing these leaves, there is no one in this island and I almost lose hope to see my home again and finally I saw you both. Please help me to return and I am so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you".

"It's ok ! I am sorry ".

"But I don't know how to go back. We ran out of fuel and something got broke when we hit a tree", ashu replied disheartened.

"Fuel ? I think I can fix this out", sooraj said and ran into the bushes.

Ashu kept figuring out what is damaged.

Tom made an umbrella with leaves and collected some more fruits.

Sooraj came running from the bushes with a coconut shell and some liquid in it.

"Try  this out ! I think it works".

Sooraj told Tom the place and asked him to bring more. Mean while sooraj and ashu were trying to fix the helicopter. Tom kept bringing more and more. They refilled the tank and tried to start it.

Luckily it got started immediately and the trio were in ecstasy at that moment.

Sooraj changed his dress which Tom gave him and they flew back home. They dropped sooraj at his home. He was so happy and he hugged them so tightly.

Ashu and Tom returned to their mansion even before their dad and everything turned normal.
 This taste of the little adventure had always remained extra-special  and remarkable in their dairies of life.

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