Friday 15 April 2016

# My First Published Story

It's like my little baby girl who was always playing in my lap and stuck to my bosom started to walk. She took her first baby steps.

15th April 2016-The day which is going to get marked with the pink sketch.

It was a mundane day, which started with a weary driving class in the blistering sun followed by the random vexations from the people on the road for my bad driving.

After reaching my home, I just laid down, watching my fan with the three wings which are trying to chase each other.

‘Why are you chasing each other when you know you cannot catch’, I said to the fan.

It didn’t reply.

‘Is this just like my dream? Just chasing and never catching?’ I said.

I have this very own habit of criticizing myself, at least once in a day.

‘Talk to me’, I whispered to the fan.

‘Talk’, I shouted.

‘Why am I so useless, what am I even doing?’, the scorching sun showed its effect. I was high with frustration.

Then I took my phone, opened Facebook, the only addiction in my life and kept scrolling down.

Eating in KFC with my colleagues
Travelling-having fun
Engaged-feeling happy
Married-life time moment
In love-feeling loved
New job-feeling excited
Bla bla bla

‘Fan, just stop chasing, you won’t reach it anyhow’, I said to the fan again. But it seemed to ignore my words. It shooed out my words with its wind.

Again I kept scrolling down,

Then I saw this, someone's status:

“My writeup is in print form as well, thanks to eFiction india for publishing my story”

‘Everyone’s stories are getting printed out except mine’, I mumbled.

‘Maybe you should just walk to your printer and ask it to print your stories’- my brain said using its sense of humour.

I googled efiction india and clicked on the newly arrived magazine. I was searching for her name with a ‘whatever’ face.

Suddenly, that ‘whatever’ expression turned into ‘what the eff’ expression.


‘Me?’, I stumbled.


I picked my phone in a bolt speed and called my friend.

I had tears in my eyes; yes it was special as it was my first published story. I told her that my name was there in the magazine.

And then the celebration started.

Getting my story published is happiness but the people around me turned it into a celebration.

I looked at the fan and said, ‘Fan you are god, you really listened to me’.

And then fan whispered something to me-‘Be like me, like a fan, don’t ever doubt yourself; just keep chasing unconditionally.

PS: Guys, though thank you is a petty word, I am going to say it.
Thank you, you guys sparkled my day! If I ever write a book, you are all going to the dedication page. Hugs and kisses to you all !

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