Friday 25 March 2016

S27: "Harry, Ron and Hermione"

She took out her jacket and zipped it up to her neck, wore her snow boots and looked outside the room through the window.

Everything was covered with lumps of snow. It was like the whole town was scooped up with vanilla ice cream.

The sun’s direct glare attempted to dust out the snow from the roofs, the cars and the trees. But he could only melt them a little.

The dangerously cold weather didn’t allow her to step out of her room since two days.

The ogre winds let all the houses down and people in.

It was freezing cold, her hands hid in her gloves from the piercing breezes. Her white skin became dry and scaled. Her hair which was being tied into a bun hid in her red knitted cap.

Her head inclined downwards as she took her steps forward against the opposing horrendous winds.

As she took a few steps, she saw some kids playing in the snow, building a snow man, throwing snow balls at each other, falling and laughing their heart out.

She smiled with her dried lips and salivated to them with her tongue.

She saw the cars totally covered up with snow cover. The only colour she saw was ‘White’

White on the streets, white on the trees, white on the houses, white on the cars; she began to get vexed with the colour white.

She felt like she is living in a bowl of vanilla ice-cream, like a chocolate chip.

She walked for a while and stood there watching the beatific one-colour scenery.

She felt like she got colour-blind and the only colour she could see was white.

The ground under her trembled and cracked, before she could conclude whether it was an earthquake or something else, she fell down into the water.

She tried to shout but the voice couldn’t make it to the surface.

The chillness and darkness stabbed and speared her body. She was losing her breath, her body became stiff and her senses were dead.

The only thing she could see was the small dot of the molten-gold sun glistening in the sky like a street lamp.

She asked the sun for help, screaming with her eyes.

She felt like death was closing her, she was about to close her eyes and the last thing she saw was a stick coming towards her.

After a few minutes-

‘Ahh’, she breathed heavily.

She was now outside the water and alive.

She was breathing heavily and was trembling with wonder.

‘Arghhhhh’, she screamed. ‘Am I dead’

Everything was white and heavenly and in front of her she saw three snowmen standing and talking.

‘Am I dead?’, she shouted again.

 ‘No, you are not’, said the middle one, the perfect snowman with  small, medium, large snowballs one over the other, with black cookie eyes, walnut nose, grass mouth, two thin sticks of hands and same cookie buttons.

‘She is alive, She is alive’, said the two other snowmen.

One is gracefully thin with three same-sized snowballs covering with black knitted cap, blue button eyes, carrot nose, bended-straw mouth, cookie buttons, red scarf and two stick hands.

The other is short, adorably fat and of only two snowballs with a cap, black stone eyes, carrot nose, stony U-shaped mouth and walnut buttons throughout its body and stick hands.

‘Am I in heaven?, she asked breathing heavily.

‘No, on earth’, said the middle one.

‘Yes earth, yes earth’, chorused the other two.

‘I am talking to snowmen’, she said shivering.

‘Hi’, I am harry, this is Hermione and this is Ron’, the middle snowman introduced itself and the others.

She kept looking at them with her eyes like the golf balls and without uttering a single word.

‘The kids built us and named us, they went inside their houses and we migrate after everyone left pretending as if we were drowned in the snow’

‘We have our own place, every snowman that born here will go to that place which I can’t tell you as it is confidential’, said Hermione.

‘We were passing by and we saw you drowning, you know we can’t let someone die to protect our secret and we came to help you’, said Ron.

‘Promise us that you won’t tell anyone’, asked harry.

‘Promise’, she said still not believing her eyes.

They smiled and started walking away.

‘Hey, thank you so much for saving me’, she said and stood up.

She took her scarf which was around her neck and tied it around Harry’s neck.

‘Don’t forget to make more snowmen’, harry said.

‘I will never forget you three’, she said misty-eyed.

‘We will leave now before anyone could come and see us’, said Harry.

‘One last time, thank you and I love you Harry, Ron and Hermione’.

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