Friday 23 October 2015

S15: "True Love"

She was sitting on the beach watching the frisky waves, the sand castles, the chuckles and the giggles.

She was writing something in her dairy. The wind was very flirtatious and her hair was being playful and was compelling her eyes to see the ebullient waves but not the dairy. But she ignored everything. She was writing intensely, scribbling and even tearing off the pages.

She was writing something which her heart can’t bare and so she is transferring it on to the pages of the dairy. Her eyes became wet. Immediately, she stopped writing and closed her dairy.

‘Ahem ahem’, he coughed and signalled his presence.

She looked at him with her teary eyes.

‘Want some?’ he offered her a beer which he was holding.

For a moment, she hesitated to accept a beer from an unknown guy but she switched off her brain and accepted it.

‘Abhiram’, he offered her the bottle.

‘Sitara’, she replied.

He sat beside her watching her sipping the beer as if she was greeting an old friend.

‘I really like this one’, she said showing the bottle.

He smiled. He has sparkling warmth in his eyes.

‘You want some?’ she offered him.

‘Yeah’, he took a sip of the beer.

While he was drinking, her eyes fell on his tattoo. He had a beautiful tattoo of letter ‘S’ on his right hand under his fist.

‘Wow, cool tattoo’, she loved his tattoo. ‘Is that your girlfriend’s name?’

‘Sort of’, he smiled again. There is some magic hidden behind his smile.

She replied with her confused eyes.

‘I love her but I never told her’, he said.

‘And instead of telling her, you inked a permanent tattoo on your hand?’, she got baffled.

‘No, one day I decided to tell her and approached her but I got to know that she was already in a relationship. So I stepped back’, he said touching his tattoo.

‘Even before telling her, you had a tattoo?’, she kept staring at him open-mouthed.

‘Why are you concerned about the tattoo? I am ok with it. I still love her’, he shrugged.

‘Where is she now’, she asked him still confused.

‘She is single now. Her boyfriend cheated on her. She is so heartbroken. He is such a jerk. I always knew that this would happen’, he frowned.

‘I think you should go and confess her about your feelings’, she said with an excitement.

‘Do you think so? She is already heartbroken and is this the right time to confess my love’, he asked.

‘Yes, Absolutely. This would be the best time to tell her about your love. You have loved her no matter what. She has the right to know that someone loves her truly and selflessly. You completely deserve her love’.

‘By the way what is her name?’ she said gaining a lot of ardor after seeing that love still exists.

‘Sitara’, he smiled and his eyes were screaming that she is that lucky girl.

He got up and started walking away.

‘Wait’, she ran to him. ‘Me?’, she was wonderstruck.

He looked straight into her eyes.

‘When? How?’, she had hundreds of questions erupting out of her head like a volcano eruption.

‘I was your junior in engineering. I fell in love on the first day of my college when I saw you in the cafeteria. In the second year, I came to propose you but I saw you with him. I tried to get over you but I just can’t. I loved you since then no matter what and I trusted my love’, he beamed with delight.

He looked at her perplexed face and started walking again.

She smiled with pleasure and threw her dairy. She ran towards him and hugged him from the back.

‘I love you’, she said.

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