Monday 19 October 2015

S14: "Twinkle and the Tooth fairy"

Twinkle banged open the door and came running to her mom dragging her school bag on the floor ‘Mommm, where are you?’.

‘Hey sunshine, how is your day?’, asked her mom assembling all the spoons on the dining table at perfect angles.

‘Mom listen’, she left her bag in the middle of the way and started pulling her mom’s dress.

‘What happened?’

‘Mom, today in school, I heard about the Tooth fairy. If we lose our tooth and keep it under our pillow, the tooth fairy will take that tooth and gives us a gift in return. Isn’t that cool’, she started dancing.

‘Look mom’, she stopped twirling and moved her right hand forward towards her mom with a closed fist.

‘What is in there little monkey?’, she caressed her fist and opened it slowly.

For her surprise, it’s a tooth. It’s Twinkle’s first tooth which fell off. She opened twinkle’s mouth, checked her cavities. ‘Oh Sunshine, It’s your first tooth’.

‘Yes mommy. The tooth fairy will come tonight’, she started twirling again.

That night, she kept her tooth under her pillow with a lot of excitement and slipped into sleep.


Up in the dense and moisty clouds, there is a vast island of Tooth-fairy. Clouds are the mode of transport in that island which are transporting the gifts for the children. All the tooth fairies are bringing the teeth of the kids from across the world.

Twinkle opened her eyes and she found herself between thousands of fairies flying around. For a moment, she thought it was a dream.

‘Hey magic! What’s up? You look so confused’, said the fairy who has a beautiful sparkling eyes and light pink fragile wings.

‘Is this a dream? Are you the tooth fairy?’, twinkle asked looking at her wings.

‘No, this is not a dream. You are in the fairy island’, she said. ‘I am candy, one of the fairies and the tooth fairy is the queen who lives there’, she said showing the queen’s palace.

The palace is in the shape of a Christmas hat widened at the entrance and dwindled towards the top. 

The top of the palace is far away somewhere hidden in the clouds. It was made of golden marble and the walls of the palace were scribbled with the names of the children who visited the fairy island. It has fairy dust in the shape of a staircase, winding around it until the top of the palace.

Twinkle tilted her head upwards to see the top of the palace and fell down backwards.

‘Careful magic, do you want to see the top of the palace? Come with me’, she clapped thrice and a cloud came and stopped before them. Twinkle hopped on the cloud along with her teddy bear and they flew to see the top of the palace.

They went along the glitter pathway and reached the top after hundreds of turns. On the top of the palace, there is a small fairy doll of palm size with a wand in its hand.

Twinkle was very much excited. She was literally on the top of the world. From there, even the fairies are seen like ants. It was magical.

Twinkle asked candy, ‘Does every child who loses a tooth can come here?’

‘No magic, not everyone. Only on their first tooth drop, they get to visit the fairy island and can pick a gift of their own choice’, she said.

‘Now can I take anything from here?’, twinkle shrilled in excitement.

‘Of course magic, anything’, candy comforted her.

They reached down and twinkle was scanning every shop and every toy.

All the shops were arranged in a particular order and there was a road in between which divides the shops into two and which leads to the Wish Granting Center (WGC).

WGC is in the shape of a globe half immersed into the ground and it has an opening in the top from where all the fairies can enter and leave. It was made of a highly polished stone which is appearing as a mirror showing one’s own reflection.

Candy and twinkle went into WGC. Twinkle stood amazed for a moment. The inner walls were fully attached with screens.

Each fairy goes near to the screen and presses a button. A tooth holder which can accommodate a tooth and which has a tooth shape mould in the middle pops out. The fairy places the tooth in that mould. After the tooth holder pops in, the picture of the child who owns that tooth flashes on the screen and his wishes also appears next to his photo. The fairy chooses a top most wish and fly to the respective shop and gift it to the child.

Twinkle was noticing everything with her eyes and mouth wide opened. She was awestruck.

‘Magic, let’s go and find a gift for you’, candy said. They flew out of WGC and were moving towards the soft toy’s shop.

Suddenly, the golden glitter around the tower turned red. It was the signal of emergency. All the fairies started rushing towards the tower. Candy and Twinkle too joined them.

As soon as everyone assembled in the tower, the queen arrived. She was very old and sick. She was barely flying, her wings are giving up but she tried to move forward. The guardian fairy was flying next to the queen. The guardian fairy takes care of everything in the fairy island. All the orders were given by the queen but all the orders were done under the supervision of the guardian fairy.

The guardian fairy cleared her throat and said in a high-pitched tone, ‘It’s now time to choose a NEW queen and a NEW guardian. Today, in this gathering a new queen will be enthroned.’

As she was announcing, the queen fainted and her wand slipped from her hand. The guardian fairy caught her but the wand fell on the ground in between the fairies.

There was an aghast in the crowd. All the fairies got petrified. Ignoring the aghast, twinkle walked towards the wand to give it back to the queen.

‘Magic, No don’t touch it’, candy screamed. But she was late.

Twinkle picked up the wand and showed it to the queen who was up in the air, ‘Here, your wand. Take it tooth-fairy’.

All the fairies got dazed. The horrified jiggles and the bewildered whispers filled the place.
Candy was flying towards twinkle but suddenly a high beam of light struck their eyes and made them unable to see.

After a few moments, everything returned to normal and to their astonishment, twinkle was up in the air with wings on her back and a wand in her hand.

The guardian moved towards twinkle and said, ‘Our new queen has been chosen. Human or a fairy, she has been chosen to be our queen’.

All the fairies bowed to her and they sprinkled fairy dust of respect from their wings.

Candy was overwhelmed and she was on the verge of tears.

Queen came towards twinkle and picked up the tiara from her head and crowned it on twinkle’s head.

The guardian fairy came to her and said, ‘As you are the queen now, you have to choose your guardian’.

Twinkle without any further mind-wiggling, moved her wand forward and pointed candy.

 ’Magic’, she said with her sugar coated voice.

Candy got overjoyed. She flew towards twinkle and kissed on her forehead.

Again the wings all over the place clapped and glittered. There was an atmosphere of exuberance in the palace.

The sun was about to rose and it’s time for twinkle to get back to her home. She said her fond adieu’s to all the fairies and started to home.

Twinkle’s wings appear only when she is in the fairy island and she used to visit the island every weekend.

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