Friday 4 September 2015

S8: "Prince and The Unknown Bane"

Between the rustling of the trees, the hide n seek of the rabbits and the deer who are running for life, came the prince on a black horse with an arrow in his hand aiming at the deer.

He has a muscular body with enticing blue eyes. He is wearing a red velvet suit embroidered with black threads, a golden scabbard with a knife in it along with golden boots up to the knee. He always likes to hunt alone.

While he was aiming at the deer, he finds something glowing behind the tree. He hops down from his horse and walks towards the tree. He was sure that it is not an animal as it was not moving. As he reached there, he notices that it is a small ball of football sized in gold color, glowing magnificently.

He stepped forward, his heart was thumping, his eyes popped out. He tried to touch it with his shivering hands. As soon as he touched it, the shine got disappeared and it turned into a normal white ball. He dropped that ball down and to his astonishment his hands were glowing.

His breath fastened, he widened his eyes and seemed that they will fall down. He was drowned with fear and anxiety. He saw the white ball which was moving on the grass. He picked it up and he saw words appearing in it.

Don’t get scared or else the boon will turn into bane.
Ur glowing hands is a boon to u,
Touch any non living thing; it will turn into a living thing.

By reading this, the prince dropped the ball without letting it finish and immediately searched here and there to touch something.

He saw a small round wooden plank of his palm size on the grass; he touched it with his both hands.
In front of his eyes, the wooden plank turned into a living being. It got eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs and everything.

His jaw dropped so down that even the wooden plank can pass through.

‘Thank you your majesty’, the plank bowed to the prince.

At that very moment, the prince felt so powerful and his face was filled with power and something was up his sleeve that he grinned and left.

The wooden plank walked towards the white ball, the words continued.

My Dear, boon always comes along with a bane
If you say no to use this boon for any 3 living beings
Then u will lose your power; Use it well dear
And the ball turned down into ashes.

The wooden plank stood there astounded, as the prince was no where around him.

The prince returned to the palace keeping his chin up and a grin on his face.

He went to his room, spent the whole night keeping his brain under work and suddenly he jumped from his bed, ‘Amazing! This is just amazing!’ he said and then fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up and was ready to experiment the idea his brain gave him last night.

He took a few steps forward and he touched the chair, it turned into a living thing and started moving. His eyes fell on something that they started sparkling. He moved towards his only obsession; Gold.

He touched the gold bar, it came into life.  His eyes lightened up.

‘You’, he said.

‘Yes, Your majesty’, replied the gold bar.

‘I want this whole room full of gold, do u get it?’ said the prince bringing ten more bars to life. He also made diamonds and all the jewels came to life. He went down and touched all the chairs, tables. He made his palace into a magical place.

He threw all the soldiers out of his palace. His daggers, swords stood around his palace for his safety. He became so greedy, mean-spirited misanthrope. He didn’t care for the people in his kingdom.

While he was enjoying his magical power, a man from the kingdom came running to him. He was breathing heavily. He kneeled down before the prince, ‘Your majesty! My wife is dying. Please save her’, he pleaded.

Prince saw him, gave a thought and said, ‘Who allowed you into my palace? Throw him out.’ His callus words broke the heart of the man who came for help. Two giant pillars came towards him. They picked him up and threw him out of the palace.

He returned to his home with a broken heart and a broken hand.

After a moment he left, prince hands shivered without his consent. But the prince didn’t care much about it.

The palace became so invaluable. There are many rooms filled with gold, diamond and jewels. His every costume was made of gold and every accessory was made of diamond and precious jewels.

The next day, as he was walking in his lawn and a pillar holding an umbrella for him and a walking stick was holding fruits for him.

While he was walking, he noticed a rabbit which was injured badly. He stopped and made a snap with his finger, out of a sudden a big dustbin and a broomstick came running to him. He pointed at the rabbit and shouted, ‘I want my lawn clean’.

The broomstick picked the rabbit and put it in the dustbin. Prince walked inside his palace and sat on his throne. His hands started hurting terribly.

Then he saw the wooden plank that he gave life was walking towards him.

‘What is happening, what have u done to me’, the prince yelled.

‘Your majesty, I didn’t do anything. I am here to tell you about the bane u missed to see that day’, he replied bowing down.

‘WHAT BANE?’ he replied in pain.

‘Your majesty, you shouldn’t say NO to three living beings that are in need, if else u will lose your power.’

‘YOU ARE SAYING ME THAT, NOW?’ he said noticing his hands becoming dark red.

‘I started on that very day to inform you majesty and I reached now’, the plank replied making an eye contact with the prince feet.

‘YOU PATHETIC BEING’, the prince walked towards the plank to show his fury. As he was a few steps away from it, it turned into a wooden plank as before, into a non living thing.

He stood there petrified. He had no idea what was going on. The glow in his hands disappeared and they turned to normal.

Before his eyes, his whole creation turned to normal. Everything was falling down and returning to their original state.

He put weight on his brain to think when he said no 3 times. As far as he knows he rejected only two times. He sat on his throne pressurizing his brain. Suddenly an iron ball which returned into its non-living state, along with the golden chandelier fell on his head. He was badly hurt. His head was bleeding and he was screaming in pain.

A golden smoke appeared and said:
Dear, u should know that for every boon there will be a bane and u should learn to use it well when the power is in your hands.’

‘But I just rejected two living beings’, he said holding his head.

Dear, the woman who u said no was carrying a baby in her womb. With your one NO, u killed them both. Good bye dear, Rest in Peace’, the face in the golden smoke smiled and disappeared. Poof.

 After hearing this, the prince took a deep breath and he closed his regretful eyes with an ashamed smile on his face.

After a few days, the people in the kingdom came to know about the prince. They placed the prince golden crown on the throne and the kingdom lived happily ever after with the gold and diamonds the prince made. Happiness and peace were glittered in the air. And the prince was remembered throughout the ages.

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