Thursday 16 July 2015

S5: "Chum Chum- The Introduction"

"Wake up!", a sharp squealing voice of his mom aroused from the corner. "Chumuuuu",the most

irritating sound than the rooster crowing and the morning alarm. His mom came rushing to him and

shook his arms violently. He opened his eyes widely as an owl but unable to get over the sleep, his

head banged down.

"Chumuluu", She shook him again."U are getting late for the school".

She lifted him up from the bed, put him on her shoulder then took him to the bathroom.

Brushed, bathed and ate breakfast but still chum chum was lingering in his sleepy hangover. He sat

on the front seat of his grandfather's cycle and his head was banging down on the handle rod.

A loud shrill completely took over his sleepy hangover. He tilted his head up as much as he can, there

stood a man with hefty shoulders and broad moustache with a whistle in his mouth.

"Get inside", he showed the way through his stick which he use to scare the hell out of children. He

turned back, said bye to his grandpa and entered into the school.

There were a total of 7 students including him in his class.

Varun,the topper of the class. Raghav,the creepiest one. Ramu,the foodie. Siddu,the plant geek. The

two girls: neetu,the class monitor and sweety the prettiest.

He sat on the second row middle chair.

Chumchum turned to his left to say hi to raghav aka Kripa.

Raghav lifted his hand to say hi to chum chum,suddenly he smacked his hand on the desk, killed an

insect and tossed it into his mouth.

"Ew ! Kripa ! U didn't had your breakfast at home?", Chum chum said disgustingly.

To his right, a gleeful smile with sparkling braces and nerd glasses.

"Ha..ha..haaaiiiiii", stammered varun aka vikky. "Hey Vikky", chum chum Hi-fived him.

A crunching sound came from the behind row. The three turned back, there sat ramu aka kumbakarn

crunching the chips.

"Hello kumbu",said the three.

"Crunch, crunch", kumbu helloed back.

"Guys! Look at this. Its Taraxacum, so cute na ?!", said siddu who was sitting next to kumbu.

"I suppose its dandelion", said vikky.

"Yes, of course. Its scientific name is taraxacum", he said.

"Arey Ufii, give it to me",said kripa.

"why ? To eat this also? It's not for u", uffi said.

"Oiiiii enna pandringla ", a loud roar from the first row came.

"Nothing singham ", said chum chum and all the boys turned and sat still.

Neetu aka Singham is a tamil rowdy girl who hits everyone with what ever she finds.

She came back, tilted her head a bit to left, with her both hands on her waist asked "whut? Whut's

going on?".

"Umm! Uffii brought something for u",said kripa.

Uffii widened his eyes and hid the flower.

"Whut? Showw!",she demanded.

Uffii had no choice but to show her the flower. She immediately grabbed the flower from his hand

and gave a ferocious up to down look in return and went to her place.

There comes the other girl on whom all the eyes of the boys lies on, Sweety aka Aishu.

The girl who sits beside singham and who looks immensely adorable with cute eyes and the smile on

which every boy says "WOW".

One day, all the 7 were discussing and it was chum chum's idea to put a nick name to everyone and

to call with it. Well, he had a strong reason behind it. His name is Chumbukeshar and as a matter of

fact, he hates his name.

Everyone agreed to it and started thinking.

He proposed his own nick name as chum chum and got approved by the remaining too.

Then raghav came and satin the middle. Everyone started thinking with the same pose: Hitting

forefinger on their lips and eyes towards the roof.

"He is just so creepy", said siddu.

"Let's call him eww", ramu said with a disgusting expression.

"Creepy..Cripa..Kripa", uttered varun.

"Kripa! Yes that's a nice one, Let's call him that", chum chum finalized.

Next came varun.

"He is google of our class, we will call him googly", said singham.

"Our own Wikipedia, let's call him vikky",said aishu in a sugar coated tone.

"Wow", said everyone except singham.

Then its ramu's turn. It was easy to name him as he always do only two things: Eat, Sleep. They

named him Kumbu- Kumbakarn.

Siddu came and sat in the middle. He is an obsessed plant lover. He always uses the scientific names

of plants to refer them.

Again all went to their thinking pose.

"Siddatonia, Sidalulumalalula,sidudududada", said kripa.

"Whut?", said singham.

"Uff .. uffii?", said vikky.

"Yeah yeah, uffii is cool", approved everyone.

Then the two girls remained. It was easy to name them.

Neetu named herself as Singham as she didn't like the name 'Hitler' referred by the others.

As Sweety looks so fascinating they named her aishwarya rai- aishu.

From then, all the 7 have nicknames and no one in the class calls them with their own names.

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